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Are you looking for a toy that may serve as an educational and sports activity for your kid? Nice, here we have got the Deluxe Kick and Play Piano Gym by Fisher-Price US.

Fisher-price deluxe kick and play piano Usefulness:


When your kid is advancing in age, it needs recreational toys that can impart educational development too. Hence, the importance of this baby-toy becomes manifold because Fisher-Price Deluxe Kick and Play Piano Gym are quite useful in this respect. You’ll love to know that it grows your baby in four ways i.e. physically, psychologically, sensuously, and academically. Firstly, your kid develops physically when he kicks, moves, pushes and draws. Secondly, the music of Piano psychologically attracts your kid to itself. Thirdly, the colors and sounds of piano-keys develop the senses of your baby. Lastly, the kid learns colors, shapes, sounds, and phrases academically. Besides, the gender-neutral piano Gym engages your kid in playing sports as well.


The green-colored Piano Gym comes in frustration-free packaging. The package consists of one item with 27.01 x 36.02 x 17.99 inches’ dimension and a large five-keys keyboard. It’s gender-neutral that both baby-boy and baby-girl can play. It weighs only 4.6 pounds. The Kick ‘n Play Piano requires three AAA batteries that last almost fifteen hours. It looks charming with the five smaller toys hanging to it: a mirror, a panda, an elephant, a monkey, and a lion.

Customer Review

Fisher-Price Deluxe Kick ‘n Play Juguete de piano para niños, na

If you are like me, you search for neutral baby items that look nice in your house. I even have seen many people’s pictures with this toy, people requesting this for showers, on Facebook yard sale sites, etc., and that I really tried to avoid buying it due to the colors (silly, sure, but I do know there are other moms like me!) HOWEVER, I’m here to inform you it’s so totally well worth the primary color nightmares. Your baby will love this! My son interacts with this playmat such a lot quite he did with my beautiful, white Skip Hop cloud mat that I paid double for (and then ended up buying this anyway). The piano is great, he loves kicking around down there, and therefore the bright toys catch his attention such a lot quite the white/pastel colored ones.

Cost & Care:

The Fisher-Price Piano Gym requires care while handling and washing. It’s soft, and it needs machine wash to clear any spots it gets on its surface. It costs $39.88 on Amazon.

Amazon Ranking & Ratings:

The product stands among the best Fisher-Price toys. The customers rated it 4.8 out of 5 with 87 percent giving it 5-star. It ranks #1 in the Baby Gyms & Playmates category. The baby-product secures 129th position in baby-niche Amazon products.

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