best waterproof mattress protector for toddler

best waterproof mattress protector for toddler Introduction:

American Baby Company has been working since 2007 in the field of manufacturing items for babies. The company was founded as California Corporation earlier in 1985. The White Pad Cover is one of the best products best waterproof mattress protector for toddler of this company for a toddler’s bed and mattress.


When your kid lays over it, there is no crinkling sound so there lies no disturbed baby. It’s easily washable if you find your kid’s occasional night accidents. Just take the cover off of the bed and let it wash. It’s ready once again. It is quite fit for the standard toddler bed. Even it remains fit after its multiple washings. That’s why it’s highly recommended for moms to be safe and easy Best waterproof mattress protector for toddler got this mainly to protect the baby mattress. it is pretty soft, but after a few cycles through the washer (deep clean, extra rinse)/dryer (medium heat) the threads have started to become loose and pill out so i would not put the baby directly on it. instead, i cover the mattress with this cover, then put a fitted crib sheet on top, 

Structural & Physical Features:

The protective Cover of the crib and toddler’s mattress is made up of fine polyester. It’s elastic. It consists of three layers. Between the polyester upper and bottom layer, there lies a middle layer which is of the waterproof material. It’s a package consisting of one item with dimension 28 inches’ width, 52 inches’ length and 9 inches’ height. It weighs only 11.2 ounces.

Most People review

cover the crib sheet with an additional cover and then put a final crib sheet on top. that way, if the baby has an accident, i can quickly remove the outer two layers and have a perfectly dry sheet for the baby to sleep on without having to worry about washing. the cover has so far protected the crib sheet underneath from becoming wet (even with pretty bad accidents) so i would definitely buy this again.

Cost & Care:

Though it’s easily washable, it requires machine wash at tumbling dry low. It’s less costly. You can get it from Amazon just at $11.50.

Amazon Ranking & Ratings

The reasonably-priced mattress cover is highly recommended at Amazon. The customers rated the product 4.6 out of 5 with 81 percent of its customers giving it five-star. It ranks at #1 in the Playard Bedding category. It secures #77 in the Baby category on Amazon website.

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